Dr. Susan created Premcal to do away with the symptoms of PMS. Did you know that PMS is associated with more than 150 symptoms that range from bloating to irrational food cravings?

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Product Description

Premcal is a patented, balanced blend of minerals and vitamins. It is the only product that contains the perfect balance of these ingredients.

Premcal consists of vitamin D (2000 International Units or IU), calcium carbonate (500 mg) and magnesium (15 mg).

How It Works

Premcal restores the balance of calcium and vitamin D in your body. It's not an overnight process but most of the symptoms of PMS will disappear six to twelve weeks after beginning Premcal.

The important thing is to stick with the program. When you do, you'll feel different, better and more balanced than you have before. But it's an ongoing commitment to keep your levels of calcium and vitamin D where they should be. If you stop supplementing your levels, they'll drop. It's also important to recognize that increasing your calcium intake may cause an initial flare up of PMS symptoms (which unfortunately are sometimes compounded by feelings of nausea and constipation). These are short-term issues though. They won't last long. But the overwhelming sense of balance you feel when your PMS symptoms are resolved will last as long as you keep taking Premcal.