TRIPLE CURC by Northeast Naturals

TRIPLE CURC  by  Northeast Naturals
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Product Description

TRIPLE CURC® ◾VERY POWERFUL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY AND ANTI-OXIDANT ◾Benefits cholesterol, brain function, cancer, diabetes.

◾TRIPLE CURC® is made of a patented formula of Curcumin extracts (C3 Complex®) with Bioperine®, a natural thermonutrient that greatly increases bio-availability. ◾Ingredients are certified NON-GMO, NON-BSE, GRAS, Vegan, Kosher, and Halal. Manufacturing facility is NSF certified free of impurities or contaminants. ◾Research on benefits of curcumin being studied at UCLA School of Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University Hospital of Cleveland, Tufts Univ School of Medicine, Mass General Hospital, & Penn State University. ◾60 capsules/jar